Co-hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger welcome special guest, Casey Zabala, tarot reader and artist behind The Wanderer's Tarot. In their interview, they talk about how Casey found herself creating a tarot deck, her process & style, the "first thought, best thought" approach, the wisdom of The Fool, the magic of Mt Shasta, meeting a dragon in a cave, learning tarot via the major arcana, tarot for lovers, and more.

In the usual weekly segments, Tess & Natasha cover topics like Uranus going direct this week, whether everyone is feeling okay in their brains, most people being drugged all the time, "violent thinking," restructuring patterns, an electrical storm in your crown chakra, buying movie tickets while you're high, clearing clutter in your social media feeds, true devotion, and more.


Co-hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst answer listener questions this week and cover such topics as being a lone wolf but not liking it, therapy as fun, restoring a full range of emotions by facing difficult ones, playing roles in a relationship as a survival mechanism, enjoying the age your in, using love languages on yourself, connecting with the spirit of your home and the land its on, letting go of shame as an adult, the importance of doing the work, where the pain of shame really comes from, how the black & white thinking of blame holds us back, this month's full moon this week, a week of clearing, the everyday magic of living in this modern age, letting go of the ghosts of your past, transmutation, and more!


Co-hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger are excited to welcome Aliza Einhorn, author of A Mystical Practical Guide to Magic: Instructions for Seekers, Witches & Other Spiritual Misfits.  In this interview they dive into topics like the magical path as a "collection of cool stuff," getting started with astrology, obsession overcoming self-doubt, astrology as a gateway drug to other magical practices, being "all logic with no sense of adventure", wishing for different astrological influences, the misappropriation of Jewish mysticism, using Tarot to get yes/no answers, using intuition when you read the tarot, pitfalls of reading tarot for yourself, the differences between oracle and tarot decks, and more.

In the usual weekly segments, Tess & Natasha cover subjects including taking "the opposite" view, the importance of birthdays to Natasha, examining your early programming, Venus & Mercury both being in retrograde, getting your car washed to avoid feelings, the slow energy flow this week, resting if you need to rest, allowing what is to be, breathing in light, treating Mercury retrograde like it's fun, tuning in to what you want to change, not resisting painful emotions, trusting your intuition, and more!


Tess & Natasha are off this week, so here's a classic episode to tide you over!  Hope everyone's new year is off to a great start.  We'll be back with a fresh episode Monday Jan. 10


This week, your hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst traverse a varied landscape of magical, energetic, self-help and astrological topics including: pulling your future into your present, having fun with shadow work, throwing stuff into your house, alcohol-free magic, maintaining romantic relationships and more!

Plus, if this is Ron then we don't wanna be right.

This week, co-hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger devote the entire episode to answering listener questions!  They cover topics like looking ahead to the new year, the difficulty of Sagittarius seasons and Venus retrograde, your manifesting type in Human Design, levels of specificity when manifesting, trouble connecting with your spirit guides, using writing to access your intuition, getting physically ill from taking on other people's energy, suggestions for dealing with tests while manifesting, your desires as information about unmet needs, a walk-through of the bagua areas in feng shui, finding balance between compassion & boundaries, being supportive while recovering from co-dependence, navigating religious/spiritual boundaries with friends, coping with religious trauma, keeping things that work from different religions, and more!


Co-hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst are happy to welcome Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas, founders of House of Intuition and authors of "Your Intuition Led You Here."  In this interview they talk about first getting introduced to the new age world, the intensity of astrology readings, using daydreaming to plan goals, the negative reputation of the word "psychic", opening a spiritual detox center, fear of asking a question because of what the answer will be, taking responsibility for what you don't do when manifesting, working with Catholic saints, trusting your own information, persistence and consistency for achieving goals, and more.

In the usual weekly segment, Natasha & Tess cover surrendering to transformation, what happens when you're merged with an inner child part, fear that can come with expansion, your habits when the unknown comes up, the impermanence of all emotions, developing a healthy detachment, "a light, pleasant assault" of information, integrating new information, being grounded in your body, not feeling the joy of the holiday season, allowing your feelings and retaining your positive habits, a lively debate about the pleasantness of phone calls, planning and creating structure, and more.


Co-hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger are excited to welcome Megan Frye of Healing Wave Hypnosis.  In this interview, they talk with Megan about how hypnotherapy reprograms the subconscious, clearing up old stereotypes about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, allowing the subconscious its day in the sun, early childhood hypnotic brainwave states, seeing your past self more accurately from the present, the importance of exploring nuance in healing, stories we tell ourselves when in survival mode, exploring you "life between lives" with hypnosis, and more.

In the usual weekly segment, Tess & Natasha also talk about the emotional connection with clutter clearing, fear & indecision surrounding important decisions, knowing the difference between fear and intuition, how quickly inner child work can help you heal, self-worth stories and the relationship to self, Venus in retrograde, the bravery of reprogramming your relationship to self, going at your own pace for healing, a tanning bed of healing energy, allowing yourself to ask for help, real emotional growth modeled on Adventure Time, the romantic side of Gemini, opening up to a deeper, healthier, more joyful romance, letting go of figuring out who's right, setting intentions at the beginning of Gemini season, and more!


Co-hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst are so excited to welcome back none other than Michael Herkes, The GLAM Witch and author of Moon Spells for Beginners and Love Spells for the Modern Witch.  In this interview they discuss baby witches, how and why we do rituals, moon mapping, glamor magic to help work spells, glamor and Virgo perfectionism, a head-to-toe chunky sequin Kaftan, working your way up to the "unattainable", the energetic emancipation of a former lover, sexy spells and lust spells, emotional condoms, how the moon can help with attraction magic, the power of mirrors, and more!

In the usual weekly segments, Natasha & Tess talk about time still feeling weird, Tess being excited to see xmas ornaments, more and better LBTQIA+ representation in xmas rom-coms, the busy time of year for Death, feeling the heavy stuff and the light stuff, gratitude even when you don't feel like it, augmenting the health & family bagua of your home, moving through emotional storms with support, doing a little toward your goals each day, cats on camels and more.

Plus, Natasha briefly channels her inner octagenarian to use the word hogwash!


Tess & Natasha are off this week, so here's a classic episode to tide you over!  Hope you all have a lovely week.  We'll be back with a fresh episode Monday Dec. 6


This week is another cornucopia of information as hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger go into connecting to your guides, making space for what needs to fall away, the crone archetype and aging, new moon in Ares, planting seeds literally and figuratively and more!

Plus, a listener challenge! Can you spot where in the episode Natasha's dogs lose their damn minds when a car drives by?  (Spoiler alert: you will definitely spot it.)

And now, some friendly reminders:

Co-hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst cover such topics as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), getting perspective away from narcissistic caregivers, the effects of the lunar eclipse, wanting to be seen, the pull of perfectionism for a recovering perfectionist, perfectionism as an emotional avoidance tactic, allowing yourself to be conscious before acting to change, reconciling the good and the bad in the new age community, reconciling science and new age thinking, how to avoid old energetic patterns and behaviors with friends and family over the holidays, not doing things you don't want to do, the Great Christmas Debate continues, looking for the gift in difficult interpersonal interactions, and more!


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