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This week, listen as Natasha & Tess discuss how Aquarians are actually cats, staying in present time with your relationship, using current feelings to diagnose past wounds, creating your own loving inner parent, and clearing clutter. Also: Jesus vs Unicorns!?!?

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Tess & Natasha cover a wide range of topics from the power of your own name, diet culture, pushing your comfort zone to facilitate spiritual breakthroughs, defining the next steps toward your goal and the power of forgiving yourself and others.  All that in one episode!? Wow.

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Thanks to everyone who has left us a review on iTunes!  It really helps get the word out.

In this week's episode, Tess & Natasha talk chakra healing, drawing healthy boundaries with alcoholics, body positivity, non-action and more.

Plus, listen for some unexpected appearances from Natasha's menagerie.

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This week, Tess & Natasha discuss operating from the present, drawing boundaries with guides and angels, aligning with your life path, summoning your power and more! So much more.

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