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Great news! Magic Monday is now available in all the places!  Well, maybe not all the places, but the places people usually get podcasts.  We're now on Spotify, Google Play Podcasts, TuneIn and, of course, still on iTunes/Apple Podcasts.  Feel free to leave a review on your favorite platform!

This week, your magical hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst cover another wide array of topics: compassion for even your ugly feelings, the human/nature disconnect, helping someone help themselves, your intuitions onboard diagnostics, new moon fire rituals, telling yourself what you want to hear and (if you can believe it) more!

Plus, it turns out butts are fun.


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This week, your whimsical but powerful hosts Tess & Natasha share a whole mess of truly useful and hard-won insights. They'll discuss getting your power back, how emotions have to go somewhere, setting boundaries doesn't make you a jerk, the magic of showers, getting back to basics and even doing something that terrifies you.

Oh, and maybe get some sunshine on your parts.  You know which ones.

Finally, look for this podcast very soon on all your favorite podcast platforms! Details to follow.

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It's a very active time astrologically and this week your hosts Natasha Levnger & Tess Whitehurst cover not only the events but also their energetic and magical implications and solutions.  They'll cover connecting to source, showing up for yourself, self-care triage, using the lunar eclipse to challenge beliefs and align goals and saying yes to what already is.

Also, it turns out we're trending (sort of) on Apple podcasts!  Thanks for the reviews, downloads & subscriptions.  It all helps get the word out.

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In large, friendly letters: DON'T PANIC!  This week your hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger uncover a theme of disengaging from victimhood and finding the lesson in all of life's experiences.  Along the way they discuss defense without defensiveness, caution with the use of ouija boards, self-compassion, Mercury in retrograde and eclipse season.

Oh, and maybe don't ask ghosts to run errands for you.

Finally, we're very happy announce the winner of the iTunes review giveaway is veganjilly!  If that's you, please reach out to us at  Of course, thanks to everyone who wrote a review and please feel free to leave more!

We hope you have a magical week.

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Another week, another Magic Monday! Join hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst as they answer a listener question about staying positive, and also discuss learning about crystals, fearing rejection and staying open to the new, clearing other people's energy from your space, ancestral healing, plus a new moon this week.

Plus, omg seriously: so many book recs in this episode!

Finally, we'll be choosing the winner for our giveaway this week. Just leave a review on iTunes no later than 11:59pm on Thurs July 4 to enter. And don't worry: everyone who has submitted a review will be included in the drawing.

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