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Broadcasting this week from within the violet fire, your hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst introduce a new segment: Metaphysics 101.  Listen in as they cover the definition of magic and how it works, ancestor rituals for Samhain, changing your internal power dynamic, and whether or not Tess transitioned to the other side while recording this episode (spoiler alert: she didn't).

Plus, tranantualas have adorable feet!  Google it if you don't believe me.

And, of course, don't forget to...

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This week your ebullient and entertaining hosts, Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger, guide you on another wide-ranging journey of new age growth and healing.  They cover taking your voice back by healing your throat chakra, healing & owning your sexuality during Scorpio season, how aura health can support physical health, energetic hygiene during trying times, and what to do if you're a full moon misfit.  I mean, that's not even all of it, but you get the idea.

And remember: You are a magical part of this universe, but you're not the only part.

Of course, our giveaway of The Goddess Provisions Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle deck continues for another week.  Visit our instagram page to enter or learn more.  


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Hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst cram another episode full of new age knowledge.  Listen in as they talk about learning from adversity, communicating with those who have passed, updating energetic contracts, creating your own spells and more!

Plus, learn about all the secret judgement Natasha's been heaping on your Thanksgiving plans.

And now a message from the maven of self-promotion, Pluggy Plugerson:

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Join hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger as they enjoy the early days of autumn.  This week they cover overwhelm as intuition, which archangel to use when cleaning your aura, letting go of your stories, sensitizing to the thinning veil and soaking your emotional brownie pan.

Plus, Tess walks us through the joy of throwing out food left over from the second Bush Administration.

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