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This week your hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst discuss (and feel!) the impact of Mercury being retrograde in Cancer.  They also cover subjects from pendulum boards, limiting technology use, being gentle with yourself when you make mistakes, opening to new information, gratitude for self-care, embracing stillness and presence and so much more!

Plus, just know that if you're like Natasha, you may be feeling the need to clear clutter like a motherf***er.  Don't fight it.

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This week co-hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger sift through another heap of subjects, ranging from how not to twist your tarot readings to hear what you want to, energetic connections with others across time and space, helping people who don't want help, radical self kindness, co-dependency as a fear of your own power, magic rituals to regain your own power and more!

Plus, in case you didn't know, the American education system is a tool for white supremacy culture.

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Your hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst tackle the subjects of owning your stuff (especially as it pertains to racism), the damage of comparison, learning to trust yourself, grappling with codependency, whether or not you can be too empathic, carrying other people's energy, magic to mark Juneteenth, greeting the summer solistice, and more.

Plus, find out why it's so much worse to get hung up on in facetime than on a phone call.


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Co-hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger could not be happier to welcome back friend of the pod' Tanya Carroll Richardson.  They talk about her latest book, "Are You an Earth Angel?", what it means to be an earth angel, self-care for hypersensitive individuals, anticipatory anxiety and more.

There are also all the usual segments, where Natasha & Tess cover topics including centering discomfort in confronting your own relationship to institutional racism, nourishing yourself better, and the importance & relevance of a cultivating a meditative practice.

Plus, Tess's latest oracle deck, The Cosmic Dancer Oracle, has just released!  Learn more about it on her site at

And of course...

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Hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst are thrilled to bring you their interview with Cassie Coleman of Heartsong Tarot. Cassie brings a body-based, in-the-moment approach to her tarot readings, informed by her recently completed studies to become a therapist.

Tess & Natasha also dive into the messy but important work of confronting racism, both in ourselves and society. And if that's not enough, they also discuss the duality of earthly existence, envisioning a new world, recognizing your needs without acting on them, de-energizing past relationships and magic for the full moon in Sagittarius.


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