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Co-hosts with the co-most, Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger, take your hand and jump into the woo-woo waters as they talk cover topics like balancing your co-regulators, the fun side of shadow work, helping kids with anxiety, tips for using crystal grids and written intentions, checking in with your body to release stuck energy and more!

Plus, this Wednesday Sept. 2 @ 4pm PDT/7pm EDT, Tess & Natasha host their first Cocktail Power Hour, live on Instagram!  Listeners can listen in as Tess & Natasha talk about and answer questions on that week's theme.  This week, it's groundedness!  

This week's episode is brought to you by Owning Your Power, a pre-recorded Zoom class from Natasha.  Learn more on!

And, as always...

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Natasha & Tess are so happy to welcome special guest, Nicole Piar.  Nicole is the creator of the Spirit Cats Oracle Deck (a show favorite!), the Cosmic Allies Altar Art Deck. Listen in as she talks with Tess & Natasha about her journey to trusting her own intuitive gifts and incorporating them into her art.  Learn more about her work at

Natasha & Tess also wend their woo-woo way through topics from the mind-body connection, wearing your crown, finding teachers who inspire you, trusting your intuition as a discipline and more!

Plus: is Yale haunted?  Probably.  But they've got some really cool books about the history of amusement park rides.

And, of course:

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Your delightful hosts, Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger, take you along on a conversation spanning such topics as radical acceptance, introverts & quarantine, owning your energy, getting help with energetic boundaries, trusting yourself, the sun, moon and mercury in Virgo, and creating freedom through order and harmony.

Plus, this week's episode is brought to you by Natasha's online class, "Owning Your Energy: Calling You Back to Yourself."  Head over to to learn more about this pre-recorded video class and the excellent tools it provides for these challenging times.


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Hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst cover a raft of subjects including deriving joy from work, the collective energy of writers, voicing your inner critic, using anger to heal, investigating how you give your power away, the similarities between garlic and archangel Michael, and more!

Plus, this episode is sponsored by Feng Shui for Magical People, Tess's upcoming online workshop.  Click here for more details.


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Co-hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger could not be more excited to welcome Melissa Tipton, Jungian Witch, Reiki Master and Tarot coach.  Melissa has a background in body work and hands-on healing.  She is the author of Living Reiki and Llewellyn's Complete Book of Reiki, and the founder of the Real Magic Mystery School (


In the usual weekly segments, Tess & Natasha also dive into getting your information from your highest self, fickle narcissists, friendship boundaries, enjoyment & relaxation magic, and the enduring creepiness of men's magazines from the early 2000's.

Plus, Natasha's online course, 11 Spiritual Tools in 11 Emails, is a powerful set of tools you can learn and use in as much or as little time as you have.  Learn more or sign up here!


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