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Episode 80 - Codependency Comeback, and Purification

Despite some zoom-based synchronization issues (thanks a LOT, Mercury retrograde), your hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger bring you an episode that is as deep as it is silly. Join them as they cover topics including dealing with codependency and feelings of abandonment, purification rituals, protecting your own energy, daily routines for physical, mental and spiritual maintenance, connecting to your sense, clearing our your shadow stuff, feeling invigorated by clearing clutter and more!

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Co-hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst happily lead listeners through a whole field of topics including Mercury in retrograde and in Saturn, clearing clutter, anti-hoarding measures, dealing with uninvited energetic entities, fear of manifesting, merging your light and shadow sides, aligning with the energy of abundance and more!

Also, Tess has some strong opinions about rugs and closet paint colors.

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Spiritual Astrologer Miss Renée (misreneehealing on Facebook & Instagram) joins hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger to help talk about race and the new age/spiritual community.  They touch on performative allyship, the white privilege of being able to check out, self-care for enduring through long-term struggle, what it means to show-up as an ally, avoiding exploitation of indigenous spiritual practices (hint: credit & center), the emptiness of spiritual practice without racial justice, white silence and white-centrism in the spiritual community, the astrology of this turbulent time and so...much...more.

Tess & Natasha also talk about the power of daily ritual, remembering you're a "good kitty", connecting to the elementals of nature, the thinness of the veil between worlds at this time of year and (you guessed it) even more.

Plus! Tess has a new e-book called Little Guide to Love Magic available on amazon now!  And Natasha is doing another Energy Tune-up live this Thursday Oct. 15 @ 6pm ET!

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Episode 77 - Accepting Praise & Creating Space

This week, co-hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst shepherd us through the verdant conversational hillsides, covering topics such as your inherent worth, what happens when we deflect compliments, the biological and energetic rhythms of a day, healing in the presence of the source of your wound, creating structure, showing up for yourself and even more!

Plus, Natasha had definite feelings about her pickleball compatriots.  But WHAT FEELINGS!?!?

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