This week, Co-hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger dive deep into a rich interview with Dr. Kimberly B. George, PhD and founder of Feminism School.  They talk about the narcissism of the patriarchy, minimization of women in power, how women adapt to patriarchal societies, the scarcity mindset required by society, feminism as a collective effort, developing a feminist economy, valuing resources other than money, a fully integrated definition of knowledge, the shifting nature of race, the interplay of Jewishness and whiteness, men's socialization in the patriarch and (if you can believe it) even more!

In the usual weekly segments, Tess & Natasha discuss thawing from a freeze state, getting information from nourishing food, family modalities, energetic boundary setting, struggling to start a meditation practice, spiritual practice for physical ailments, leaving the old & stepping into the new, not waiting for permissions to do what you're called to, aligning your purpose with your joy, and more.



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