Co-hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst are so happy to welcome John the Scorpio, Rapper and Occult Sciences enthusiast.  In this interview they talk about relationship to opposition, being the black sheep of the family, deprogramming from religious upbringing, the power of words, knowing how you connect to yourself and the world, meditation in many forms, the importance of silence, being okay by yourself, the Satan of blueberries and more!

In the usual weekly segments, Natasha & Tess also cover collective shadow work, the proverbial "other shoe", Producer Brett's eventual demise, connecting with the power of the Earth, clearing out toxic relationships, coming into harmony with your physical presence in the world, and more.

Plus, Tiny Michael Chiklis(TM) gets another mention, but Tess steadfastly refuses to learn who he is.


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