This week, hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst are so excited to welcome J. Allen Cross, author of American Brujeria and paranormal investigator.  In the interview, the cover fixing haunted homes, listening to the land, angry forest spirits, Catholic magic, the difficulty fitting in experienced by some Mexican Americans, liminal spaces as sources of potent magic, the ritual blessing of a St. Michael medal, how "witchy" the bible is, the nuance of cultural appropriation vs cultural contact, the role of sacrifice and discomfort in connecting to other realms, and more!

In the shows other usual segments, Natasha & Tess talk about Greg's Sweet 16, Beltane, clearing clutter, choosing to honor others' boundaries, the trauma of being a calm, cool Californian, being stuck in unhealthy thought patterns, the hypnagogic and hypnotic states, lucid dreaming & shifting, letting go of toxic relationships and the magic of house cleaning.


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