This week, your funny and fantastical hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger mine Natasha's dreamscape (and other sources) for insights.  Listen as they discuss Manifesting 101, their dual citizenship in self-love & self-criticism, the restrictiveness of gender roles, bringing attention to your fears, applauding yourself to celebrate Lughnasadh, connecting the cosmic and the earthly and ever so much more.

Plus, Natasha finds various and sundry ways to test Producer Brett's lack of jealousy.  (Justin Theroux? More like, Justin TheNO!)

And don't forget: Magic Monday is blowing up all over the place!  We're available on all your favorite podcast platforms:  iTunes/Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Play Podcasts, and TuneIn (this means you can even ask Alexa to play Magic Monday!)

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