This week is another cornucopia of information as hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger go into connecting to your guides, making space for what needs to fall away, the crone archetype and aging, new moon in Ares, planting seeds literally and figuratively and more!

And, of course, our Patreon page is live!  In addition to helping support the work that goes into this podcast each week, you'll also get tools to help you lead a more magical life.  It's already proving to be a great way to interact more deeply with our listeners and we are so grateful for everyone who supports us in anyway, on and off Patreon.

Plus, a listener challenge! Can you spot where in the episode Natasha's dogs lose their damn minds when a car drives by?  (Spoiler alert: you will definitely spot it.)

And now, some friendly reminders:

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