We are so excited to bring you our interview with holistic business coach, Sarah ChappellTess & Natasha talk with Sarah about her journey through addiction and the corporate marketing world to helping others start and run businesses that remember the people at the heart of them.

Also, Tess & Natasha do all your favorite segments, covering topics from how to connect to your own power, red flags for resistance to difficult feelings, the full moon in Virgo (and how much it wants you to clean and organize your space!) and even more.

And don't forget:

  • We are on Patreon!  We had a super fun Q&A this week with some of our listeners/patrons and we've been offering additional tools to some of the levels to help you lead a more magical life.  Go check it ou!
  • Natasha now has an archive page for the guided meditations she's sent out in her newsletter.  It's available to subscribers.  Sign up at highestlighthealing.com
  • Tess's latest book, Unicorn Magic, is available everywhere.  Get it before it's only her second latest book! (Spoiler alert: Tess is working on a new book)
  • Goddess Provisions is a great way to treat yourself and support the work we do at the Podcast.  Be sure to use our link if you decide to get one of their eco-friendly, cruelty free new age subscription boxes!
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